Tuesday, June 26, 2012

loose talk costs lives

A teen-aged lesbian couple living in a small Texas town were shot by an unknown assailant this past Friday. Mollie Olgin, 19, was dead at the scene, and Mary Christine Chapa, 18, is in a local hospital in serious but stable condition.

Olgin's roommate told reporters the couple, who had been dating for about five months, hadn't received any threats or been harassed. (Portland, Texas Police) Chief (Randy) "Wright said that although the events did seem more like measured attacks than a random action, they were not currently investigating the murder as a hate crime."

Full story here.

Since Chief Wright has no suspects and the motive for this murder and attempted murder is thus not known for certain, his reticence to categorize it as a hate crime is understandable. However, Portland, Texas listeners can tune their radios to 88.5, KAYK, out of Victoria, Texas, Monday through Friday. One of the American Family Association's network of 200 stations in 35 states, KAYK features "Focal Point," a two-hour daily talk show hosted by Bryan Fischer, the AFA's "director of issue analysis" and one of the country's most strident opponents of what he calls "the homosexual-rights movement."

Fischer, profiled by Jane Mayer in the June 18 New Yorker, holds social and political positions Mayer describes as "far to the right of Fox News," and is dangerously obsessed with homosexuality. No one should be surprised if hate radio should bear, or has already borne, a bloody harvest.

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