Saturday, June 16, 2012


I'm sitting in the window of Starbutt's on Holman Road on this cool, overcast, and quiet morning, watching the ebb and flow people through the door. When it's sunny and warm in Seattle like it was yesterday, people get drunk on the sunshine and have little use for coffee houses or restaurants with only indoor seating, as if they're thinking "This might be our last chance to ever see blue sky."

True to form, our usual June gloom is back today, and it's jacket weather...again. And as much as I enjoy the sunshine, the cloudy skies encourage contemplation. In addition to people watching this morning, I'm contemplating the months-long war or words between duelling New York Times columnists Paul Krugman and David Brooks, neither of whom thus far has referred to the other by name, probably because of some rule sent down from on high by the editors. But that changed this morning.

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