Tuesday, July 17, 2012

both sides

"Both sides do it" is lame, stupid, and untrue.

"Both sides" do not foam at the mouth the way Rick Santorum does whenever he reads a newspaper or watches network newz. "Both sides" do not hate the working class. "Both sides" do not invent an Iranian nuclear threat with their lying mouths in order to have a weak enemy to attack. "Both sides" are not obsessed with fetus-Americans while hating poor children who have already been born.

Barack Obama is not a "leftist," or an extreme anything, except an extreme mediocrity.

Both the American revolutions we've had so far were accomplished by radicals, who at the start were fringies. The mainstream caught up with them; they didn't "move to middle" or move anywhere else, because they were right, and they were taking a moral stand (as opposed to a political position). The American revolution we're teetering on the brink of will be the same way.

There was no compromise with monarchy and absolutism, and no compromise with slavery or slaveocracy. There will be no compromise with the dictatorship of the one percent, or their zombie robot Tea Party attack dogs.

We will never give an inch.

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