Wednesday, July 18, 2012

bovine waterbeds

Bovine waterbeds are all the rage on dairy farms where hard-working, wise owners promote well-being and happiness amongst their herds. One of the current trends helping achieve this goal is providing comfortable beds for the lactating beasts to lie down upon, for they are no more likely to lay down than we are.

Even if I was big as a cow, I would not want to have to carry a big, heavy udder around on my feet all the time. The poor cows will obviously be more comfortable if they can take a load off once in a while, and farmers have discovered they can get onto and off of waterbeds more easily than they can regular mattresses.

"Happier cows, happier milk" says Willamette Valley (Oregon) dairy farmer Ben Van Loon. And the cows say "Moo."

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Miss MoneyPenny said...

Where do you get this stuff, anyway?