Sunday, July 08, 2012

inter-dependence day

Even though the country is suffering hard times, a few small businesses are doing very well. It's a great time to be the kind of grocer who specializes in working with local food producers. Eating local is all the rage, and once you've had food from "around here" (and with some exceptions, it doesn't matter where you are) you'll never go back to frozen pizza.

Friday evening the lovely Catboxette took me to Chimacum Corner for the second annual Inter-dependence Day celebration. Everything on the menu(s) was produced by local farmers and fishers. The music was local too, and agressively acoustic and old-timey, as opposed to the over-amplified, alienated racket of contemporary "culture."

Pity the poor bankers, insurance honchos, arms dealers, and other capitalist buccaneers and brigands of high finance. Despite their recent losses in fortune and reputation, they think they're still in charge, still running the world. Suppose they had a war, or put up a factory, or built a suburban subdivision and nobody showed up?

Chimacum Corner, by the way, is a for-profit business, but their business model is not like what they teach in MBA programs, since the owners realize that it's cooperation, not competition, that wll make this country great again.

The Crow Quill Night Owls provided music for your dining and dancing pleasure.

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