Tuesday, July 24, 2012

new frontiers in i don't know what

Here's the thing even a barely conscious, marginally-smarter-than-a-brick state legislator should know without someone having to tell him, her, or it: If you send a bare-chested picture of yourself out on the internet, even if you just send it to a "close friend," you're making it public.

As in the whole world will see it. Remember Anthony's wiener? duh.

Highly-placed state officials do this kind of stuff frequently though. Some of them are so stupid and helpless it makes you wonder. Like this sex tourist who saw an American he didn't know walking around with a camera in this foreign land where he was vacationing...

Finally, we have the sad case of one Louie Gohmert, (that's him in the picture), whom Juanita Jean accurately describes as a large, white, hairless, perspiring Christian Republican congressman from Texas, who today on the radio called fellow Republican Senator John McCain "a numb-nuts," because McCain has made disparaging remarks about Michele Bachmann's crusade to investigate everyone in government for their ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Actually, this is all new frontiers in I DO know what, but don't want to say.

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