Tuesday, August 07, 2012

freedom & the lizard brain

I don't want to outlaw anybody, but I think our government fails us if it fails to re-purpose meth-fueled, heavily-armed peckerwood morons.

It could do this by disarming them, drafting them into the Peace Corps and sending them to places like Niger, Bihar State, India, the slums of Tegucigalpa, and so forth.

But I realize that a course of action such as what I'm suggesting could never happen, and that there's absolutely nothing anybody can do about anything. We must cower under the threat of yahoos with automatic weapons (or gun up and shoot back), endure famine-inducing drought and destructive storms, accept that banksters will break into the national treasury and eat up our national wealth for the next 10 generations, and pay taxes at a higher rate than Donald Trump does.

Because, as Mr. Tomorrow points out, if we were to do anything about any of this, it would unacceptably compromise our freedom! And we can't have that.

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