Monday, August 13, 2012

jesus & the money, part 3

People keep asking, "Did Mittens do good?" or "Was it a good choice?"

Actually, I do think Ryan was a pretty good pick for the old Mittster. The only danger to the Romnehbot is that Ryan's got those movie star looks, and also, unlike his running mate, appears to be human. In fact, I think I've seen him in a couple B-movies -- "My Breath to Breathe," a romance, or was it "Shootout at the Supply Side Livery Stable"?

Even though I think this guy is all conventional ambition, ready and eager to promote any foul policy or do any evil deed the establishment asks of him, and has never had an original thought pass through his hairy skull, he's popular (and I know I'm going to get myself into very deep kim-chee for saying this, even though it's sooooo true), and he's especially popular with the ladies.


Miss MoneyPenny said...

No he's not.

Dave B, a.k.a. catboxer said...

Oh, I know he's not popular with you and your friends. But have you been to Texas or Utah, or even SoCal lately?