Tuesday, August 14, 2012

madmen and bombs

I expect Iran to get whacked very soon.

There's all kinds of interesting talk about it, for example, here.

Or here.

And also here.

I wanted to cite a few sources to pre-emptively deal with accusations of making stuff up, or being paranoid, nuts, etc.

The imperialist powers will do this evil deed, as I said, very soon. I'm looking for some time in September, or October at the latest. That it's an evil and unjustified thing to do is proven, for Iran possesses no nuclear weapons, and if they got one, they'd have one (1). We have over 5,200 warheads ready to go, and Israel, who is expected to initiate the attack, has at least a couple hundred, and possibly as many as 800.

Does the timing of this plot have anything to do with the US election? Does a bear live in the woods?

Found this at twig's blog over at Corrente.

So the big question is, will Obama push back against this insane Zionist scheme? He could, but I doubt it. He'll most likely get suckered in due to a desire not to appear un-warlike. Stay tuned.

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