Tuesday, August 21, 2012

the global warming hoax

Fat Al Gore's global warming hoax has now caused an imaginary closure of the country's most vital internal waterway, which has now sunk so low in the minds of delusional environmental wackos that they're hallucinating stranded boats and barges.

According to the notorious left-wing propaganda organ the Columbia Missourian, nearly 100 boats and barges are lined up, waiting to cross an 11-mile stretch of the old muddy Mississippi, now closed by the Coast Guard because of low water levels.

The Army Corps of Engineers is using dredges to dig out sand and ensure the navigation channel is deep enough for barges loaded with coal, steel, agricultural products and other goods. The corps is required to provide a minimum navigation channel that is 9 feet deep and 300 feet wide on the lower Mississippi River.

Shippers who move material up and down the river on a daily basis have complained that the shallow river is forcing them to lighten the loads on their barges to avoid hitting bottom. Lighter loads mean less revenue for the shippers, who still have to deal with costs such as labor and fuel.

Al Gore may be fat, but he's also right about a few things.

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