Wednesday, August 08, 2012

the prince

As Machiavelli pointed out 500 years ago, every state that ever existed or ever will is either a republic, or it's not.

A republic is ruled by laws. Under the other kind of government, a powerful individual or group is the law.

Judge Katherine Forrest ruled three months ago that Obama's National Defense Authorization Act for 2012, or at least the part of it authorizing the power to detain by presidential fiat persons suspected of terrorism, indefinitely and without charge, violates the laws of the republic.

The founders of the republic sought as their most fundamental purpose to prevent the acquisition of precisely this kind of power in anyone's hands.

If Obama and Panetta prevail in their court appeal today seeking to overturn Judge Forrest's ruling, they will remove all restraints from our opposition to them, and anything we do from then forward to overthrow them will be not only justified, but virtuous.

Also, because this development is critically important for the survival of everything genuine American patriots hold dear, the TV networks, in ignoring and deliberately blacking out (redacting) this issue are showing how pathetic and totally useless they are.

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