Tuesday, September 11, 2012

by the sea, by the sea, by the byootiful sea

Residents of Southern California are still trying to figure out what caused the entire region to be blanketed with a horrible, intensely sulfuric odor yesterday. The smell reached as far west as San Fernando, and as far north as the Lancaster-Palmdale area.

Air-quality officials aren't sure, but are zeroing in on a huge fish die-off in the Salton Sea this past week, along with a Sunday thunderstorm that churned up the bottom of the heavily polluted, dying salt-water lake.

The Salton Sea lies about 150 miles southeast of LA, and while it's unusual for a bouquet of this sort to travel so far, this was apparently a hell of a smell. And keep in mind, it's unusual for a whole state to catch fire, but any more California does so periodically.

The Richmond (CA) Times-Dispatch has the whole, stinky story.

Somebody remind me again why I moved away from there.

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