Monday, September 17, 2012

don't go liking the police in tazewell county

Tazewell County lies in the southwestern corner of Virginia. Neither urban nor rural, strictly speaking, it's part of the Bluefields, West Virginia-Virginia metro area, which includes a little over 107K people, and has a police department. That's an unfortunate name -- Tazewell County Police Department.

But somebody liked them, on their Facebook page I mean, and she happened to be the girlfriend of a guy on the run, a 29-year-old sex offender, registered in Maryland.

The source article, from a Yahoo news blog, tells us that after the girlfriend liked the police, they used the "geographic stamp" left on their computer by her clicking "like" to pinpoint her location. But it doesn't say how the police knew the woman was connected with the guy, since they have different last names.

He's now in custody, charged with failing to register, among other things.

I guess it must be not that big a place.

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