Sunday, September 16, 2012

g. had

The Christian Science Monitor has excellent analysis this morning of the anti-American agitation roiling the Muslim world since Nakoula Nakoula's stupid movie appeared on YouTube.

Anti-American protests continued their sweep across swathes of the Islamic world today, sparked by a low-budget video deliberately denigrating the prophet Muhammad that was made in the US. From Mauritania to Indonesia, protesters took to the streets in anger over the video, which portrays Islam's most sacred figure as a sexually loose and ruthless buffoon.

Yet the protests were about much more than the video. They were a reflection of a deeper, wide-ranging discontent, rooted not only in anger at the US for such things as its pro-Israel policies, drone strikes, and the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, but also in frustration at domestic leaders who have not been able to effect rapid change in the wake of the Arab Spring.

All I know for sure is that if this country wasn't methodically murdering civilians with flying death robots in that part of the world, they surely would hate us a little less.

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