Thursday, September 13, 2012

last days of the begonia

Catboxette's salvaged begonia has now reached full expression, at the very end of its life. The temperature dropped to 39 here last night, so the great autumn die-off, in yard and garden, is most likely days away.

I think I've told this flower's story before, an orphan sprout m'lady found in the compost heap, then transformed into Cinderella at the ball. The pot it sits in is also salvage, thrown out 30 years ago by the potter on Marrowstone Island because one side got a burnt spot while in the kiln. It's been in use here since then.

Midweek traffic was light coming over here from Seattle yesterday; summer's over and the kids back in school. I got the best seat in the house on the ferry and snapped this picture of coming into the dock at King's Town during late-morning low tide, as you can tell from the extent of exposed barnacles on the pier's pilings.
I can't leave this autumn domestic post without putting up one more flower picture. This hatful of whorehouse red and deep purple dahlia blooms, deadheaded off the bushes a few days ago, was much too pretty to go in the compost heap yet, and we've found the most attractive way to get full mileage from these summer beauties is to display them in a big bowl of water.

Summer was delicious, but we leave it with no regrets. There are promises of renewed vigor and big plans afoot in the fresh, cool air of the new season.

Click on any of the photos to get larger views of all three.


Shopdog 50 said...

How did you get the circles of light on the plants? Lovely blog today!

Shopdog 50 said...

Oh google is so googly.