Wednesday, September 26, 2012


From a story at Salon, we learn that Republican House member from Florida, C.W. "call me Bill" Young, currently occupied with running for re-election for the 22nd time (yep, that means this is his 42nd year occupying that spot), has become pre-occupied with phantom burglars.

Young claims that there’s been multiple break-ins at his home, possibly by the nefarious forces of the Florida Consumer Action Network or the Occupy movement. He told Craig Pittman of the Tampa Bay Times that he doesn’t really know who’s behind the break-ins, though he noted: “The Occupiers are after me.”

The local police, however, insist that there is no evidence of any break-ins. But Congressman Bill Young is not buying any of that, saying the intruder or intruders ”left an item in a very, very prominent place to make sure I knew they had been there.”

I thought people usually broke into places to take stuff out, not bring stuff in, but what do I know? Only that if this representative is typical of what we've got in Congress, it must be a certifiable looney bin.

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