Saturday, September 29, 2012

slow turn

This is the time of year when we become most aware of the slow turning of the seasons, as summer gives way to fall, and August's zephyrs acquire a bite. Catboxette's Pacific maple has turned mostly red; it'll be completely scarlet by next weekend, and I'm hoping to get another picture then.

This world is just one of the universe's myriad clocks and calendars, at the moment trending away from its rotation's center as it moves toward the sun's annual death in late December, to be followed the next day by that resurrection which gave rise to all of the resurrection gods, myths, and stories of ancient times.

it's still a beautiful world for us to live in, in spite of everything we've done to it. Some say that human-induced climate change has reached a "tipping point" from which no return is possible, but I believe Mother Earth is tougher than we think, and that she'll recover once we stop doing the things we're doing now that hurt her.

The problem is ecological, but the solutions are political -- profoundly political.

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