Thursday, September 20, 2012

the devil's proverbs

There is no freedom without peace; war is history's great enslaver.

The industrial age has freed humans from the burden of unrelenting drudgery, but has birthed just as much destructiveness as creativity: wars, bombs, planes, factories, cars, suburbs, strip malls, tons. You are all gmo.

Cheap gasoline is the devil's nectar.

Beige, crowded-together suburban subdivisions are the devil's feces.

Clean food is got without a trap or gun.

A deflating currency means each piece of money is worth more, so savers win and debtors lose. Inflation has exactly the opposite effect.

Even if you live in a fantasy, and don't want to deal with reality, you can be sure reality will deal with you.

Incessant warfare is our gift from the angels of capitalism.


Joe said...

Indeed, and what a barbaric, brutal enslaver war is.

Joe said...

I haven't considered rising house prices desirable.

Dave B, a.k.a. catboxer said...

Joe, I don't expect house prices to rise very much. To stay up to date, see the Calculated Risk blog (

They'll have the Case-Schiller report on July activity on Tuesday, and current price report on Wednesday.

Joe said...

Thanks Dave for that heads-up about house prices. A lot of people have long been absorbed by the notion of their house price rising.