Tuesday, September 18, 2012


The biggest problem with Mitt's analysis is that median income is lowest in Romney counry -- from West Virginia and Missouri southward -- and highest in those areas where Obama has his strongest support, such as Seattle, NYC, Boston.

Here are the income and political maps that show it, county by county.

So while he was right about the numbers and percentages of people who pay no federal income tax due to their low incomes, and have to seek government aid such as food stamps, he mis-identified them. Most of them are voting for him.

The reason for this: a lot of the poor people in the south and midwest are "values voters" -- you know, the folks who just had their big summit where they all channeled Rush and Rev. Pat. They worry most about social issues (values) such as the flag, godless atheistic socialists, abortion, and pray-er in our skew-els. Oh, and "When they come for my guns, that's all she wrote." The guns are a big-ticket item in those places.

Mitt, being a simpleton, grabbed at the easiest and most opportune answer -- "Look at all those freeloaders voting for Obama."


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