Thursday, October 04, 2012

high priests in golden temples

For certain, the debate last night really changed things in a big way. Romney turned it around, and at this point he's not winning, but he's a hell of a lot closer.

And I can prove that.

A few days ago the Vegas oddsmakers had Obama at -500 and Romney at +250 -- virtually insurmountable odds against the Mittster.

Today it's Big O -285 and the other guy +225. Obama still leads, but Willard took a big bite out of that lead.

Want the truth? I'm telling you, these guys in Vegas are better than the Oracle at Delphi. They're never wrong.

When I was a lot younger and foolisher, I lost a lot of money thinking those steely-eyed high priests of the All Mighty Dollar in the holy city of Lost Wages, with all that ice water running through their veins, might be wrong sometimes.

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