Tuesday, October 02, 2012

obaaama's excellent iranian adventure

The "Iranian nuclear threat" is absolutely the biggest, shittiest, stinkingest lie ever cooked up by the lowlife fascists working in the US foreign policy kitchen. It's the lie that pisses me off roughly twice as much as the nearest competitor, Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction.

In 2007 and again in 2010, a combination of US intelligence agencies told us in no uncertain terms, and in two formal National Intelligence Estimates that Iran a) does not have a nuclear weapon, b) is not currently developing a nuclear weapon, and c) does not have a program for developing such a weapon (although they used to). The reason they did this? They have no intention of being left holding the bag labeled "responsibility," like they were when the neocons invaded and destroyed Iraq. Sometimes it's easier just to tell the truth.

This lesson is lost on Obama and his sidekick Hillary Clinton, both of whom repeat the "Iranian nuclear threat" lie frequently and as smoothly as any neocon fascist warmongering slime who ever lied through his teeth. He may snub his Zionist Uncle Benny sometimes, but after Benny goes to the UN and stinks up the joint with his picture of a Wile E. Coyote bomb and a red Sharpie, Obama feels obligated to own at least a part of the counterfeit threat that gangster is selling.

This flap proves that the American public has a well-developed case of political Alzheimer's, since it was only 10 years ago they swallowed the neocons' lies about Saddam's Iraq, then regretted it, then turned around and fell for the same, exact song and dance regarding Iran.

What's the score when it comes to nuclear weapons? How many does the US have, loaded, primed, and ready to go? A couple of years ago, in a moment of uncharacteristic and surprising candor, Hillary Clinton said that number at the time was 5,113. Iran's number is, of course, zero. So who, exactly is the nuclear threat?

And suppose the Iranians did develop a bomb? Then they'd have one to our five thousand-plus, and using it against us or against Israel would be, as the much-maligned Mr. Ahmedinejad has pointed out, would be suicidal for Iran.

We're already at war with Iran. We've got not one, but two aircraft carrier groups in the Persian Gulf. We're doing psyops and assassinating scientists, and all because of what happened during the revolution there in 1979-1980, when the Iranians took their country back from us, kicked us out, and called us "The Great Satan."

Considering the transparent phoniness of the cover story that Republicans and Democrats and Zionist war heads are using to justify our crimes, I can't argue with the characterization.

Illustration by David Dees.

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