Thursday, October 18, 2012

...pray we don't get fooled again

In this season of high emotions and low political lies, let's not let our feelings run away with us. I think it's not that Mitt Romney is your enemy and Obama your friend; Barack Obama is not your friend, and in fact both of them are your enemy.

Pay no attention to lunatics braying about "the Kenyan socialist," because they're just provided by the house to give you some comic relief. Obama is actually the best friend the Rehooligans have got, with his "reaching out to our friends across the aisle" bi-partisanship and his striving for a "grand bargain." So when he takes something like the public option for medical insurance "off the table" because first, that's what he wanted to do all along, and secondly, he's using the Republicans' unwillingness to accept it as cover, he hands the government of the country over to fascists while appearing to remain true to principles he doesn't actually believe in. He perectly fits the definition of a con man.

People are waking up to his little magic tricks, however, just not in large enough numbers at this point to be able to demand that bright enough, honest enough, and brave enough candidates, who point to and condemn the fundamental corruption and dishonesty of what passes for a political system here in Hooterville, that they be given a little air time at the rich people's debate.

This is why the establishment parties absolutely must ban anyone willing to tell the truth about them from any debate or conversation carried by mass media. Their survival, and the survival of Hooterville depends on it. That's also why a woman presidential candidate, on the ballot in 85 percent of the states, who attempted to crash the presidential debate on Tuesday evening, was handcuffed to a chair afterwards for eight hours.

Eventually the cobra is going to get out of the basket, and Hooterville will be transformed into Cairo -- the one in Egypt, not Illinois.

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