Wednesday, October 10, 2012

reversal of fortune

I have warm, fuzzy feelings about this election.

I'm not voting for either major-party candidate, but feel like your humble narrator will get something no matter which one of these bimbos comes out on top.

If Obama wins, that means we won't have to live with a minimum four years of another blind, deaf, and dumb plutocrat blundering the country into more trouble than it's already in, and would be good thing. But if Romneh wins, that will be the end of Obama, and that would be a good thing.

All I can say at this point, looking at polls and momentum, is get ready for Preznit Romney, tax "plan" or not.

The plan, of course, is to cut Soc Sec bennies and voucherize Medicare, and pass the savings on to plutocrats like himself. "More for us, but trust me, you won't be any worse off."

Sounds skanky to me. But look on the bright side -- we'll be rid of Obama, and the so-called "moderates" of the Demolican party will be on the outs.

It's a good time to bring Roberto Unger up again. Unger was a law professor of Obama's when the prez was at Harvard, who a few months ago put up a video at YouTube called "Barack Obama Must be Defeated."

People react emotionally to this video and its inflammatory title. However, I find it difficult to refute any of Professor Unger's arguments except possibly the "military adventurism" one, and I think any progressive-minded person reading or hearing them with an open and dispassionate mind would agree.

So rather the post the video, I'll offer a transcript of what he said. Read it carefully and unemotionally; it might change your mind.

“He has failed to advance the progressive cause in the United States,” Unger said. “He has spent trillions of dollars to rescue the moneyed interests and left workers and homeowners to their own devices. He has subordinated the broadening of economic and educational opportunities to the important but secondary issue of access to health care in the mistaken belief that he would be spared a fight.”

“He has disguised his surrender with an empty appeal to tax justice. He has delivered the politics of democracy to the rule of money. He has reduced justice to charity.”

“His policy is financial confidence and food stamps. He has evoked a politics of hand holding. But no one changes the world without a struggle.”

“Unless he is defeated, there cannot be a contest for the re-orientation of the Democratic Party as the vehicle of a progressive alternative in the country,” Unger said. “There will be a cost for his defeat in judicial and administrative appointments.”

“The risk of military adventurism, however, under the rule of his opponents, will be no greater than it would be under him.”

“Only a political reversal can allow the voice of democratic prophesy to speak once again in American life. It’s (sic) speech is always dangerous. It’s (sic) silence is always fatal.”

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