Tuesday, October 23, 2012

shit disturber

Once I knew this guy, kind of a raggedy soapbox type of dude, who went around reading the riot act to whomever was willing to listen to him for a few minutes. He was a cheerful sort of moocher who would show up at people's houses, and say "When's the party?"

He also had a dozen or so guys and a couple of women that followed him around, even though they didn't always understand what he was talking about. Other than that, nobody took this guy seriously. I mean, he was unemployed, and his followers were these marginally-employed fisherman types, except for one who used to work for the IRS.

He used to act like he wanted to fight all the biggest dogs, even though he was a nobody. The powers that be just ignored him, until he broke into a political action committee bucket shop, destroyed all their computer records, and generally trashed the place. After that his days were numbered.

People used to say, "Who does this butthole think he is? Who listens to him? Nobody but his handful of followers, that's who!"

But he used to say some really interesting things, like "He who is first will later be last," and stuff like that.

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