Wednesday, November 28, 2012

a certain well-known country

There's a certain well-known country in Europe -- you'd recognize its name in a minute -- which is pretty well known as the only one still standing upright over there. Now it seems this country, Germany, will be the first in the world to go 100% solar, and they're about halfway there already.

As has happened before, Germany is stealing a march on the rest of the world by being the first to transition to the new century. China is the only country halfway keeping up with the Germans, with several long-distance electric trains now coming on line. Both countries are run day-to-day by technocratic elites, sober realists who have looked at the future, and decided to get there first.

Meanwhile, we sit around over here whinging on about deficits and debating whether we should extend Exxon-Mobil's big tax bonanza. What the hell is wrong wih us?


Joe said...

Hi Dave. I wonder if people in the US are too vain to want solar panels. Reminds me of your later post about how it was cool to smoke.

There might be hope, though. Shingle replacement panels might be able to break through the NIMBY inhibition.

Dave B, a.k.a. catboxer said...

Did you see all those German roofs nearly covered with panels? Pretty cool looking if you ask me.

The problem is the US has simply become a backward country.