Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Yesterday's rainfall in Western Washington set a record for this date -- 2.13 inches in Seattle, and nearly six inches in Bremerton, just down the road from where I'm now living.

The highway between the Hood Canal Bridge and Bremerton was closed due to a culvert failure which flooded the roadway.

With only the slightest pause, we've gone from a mini-drought in September and October to floods at the late start of the rainy season. Extremity seems to typify weather patterns all over the world in our globally warmed-up condition.

The rain will continue here at least until the weekend, although it's expected to be more like what passes for normal around here, as opposed to yesterday's alarming deluge. Considering this, I'm going to forego Thanksgiving at my sister's place, across the water and inland about 25 miles, and simply stay in, where, if the the power stays on, I'll be safe and warm.

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