Monday, November 05, 2012

for more years

No, it's not a mis-spelling.

So Kunstler, after four years of reaming the guy, is going to "pull the lever for Mr. Obama."

I don't blame him. He's right, of course, when he cites the certainty of Romney appointing another Martian to the high court if he gets the job. However, he and I could have both voted for the Whore of Babylon and it wouldn't make a hair's difference, since both of us live in states that are in the bag for the "O" Man." It's not like either of us lives in Cleveland or Cincinnati or some other important place.

So I voted for Jill Stein because even though I live in the country now, I'm one of those urban, coffee-drinking, university-educated, Volkswagen-driving, Birkenstock-wearing snooty ex-Unitarian threats to the nation and our society. Whereas, if I was the Republican version of all those things, I'd be an ex-Presbyterian hater of reality and voting for Ignatius Donnelly, because I wouldn't be able to stomach Romney.

And as soon as he takes the oath a second time, I have a question for the preznit: Where's Jon Corzine?

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