Wednesday, November 14, 2012

hot chocolate

Everybody knows Philadelphia is the birthplace of the USA. The old city of Brotherly Love is a lot different now than it was then, like everyplace else, but it has that unique distinction, which I find kind of awesome, of being the place where a bunch of white guys in knee britches, landowners and lawyers mostly, putting their heads together and fussing and fighting, came up with a constitution. It had flaws, and so did they, but it encoded a lot of very progressive political thinking for the time into law.

A week ago, the Republican candidate got no votes in the birthplace of America. Zero. Zip. Nada. None.

In 59 voting precincts in the core of the city, Mitt Romney received not a single nod, had not a friend; nobody knew him. And I find that incredible, but at the same time, it's not surprising at all. That's the state of the nation.

We all know what started in Philadelphia, but could old Philly be the same place where the ascendant right-wing of the US finally met its comeuppance? For thirty years we've been oppressed with the mustard gas of a.m. talk radio.

Paul Ryan calls it "the urban vote," which is a type of code. But"We the people" means all of us.

I was no way an Obama supporter. but I can't help but feel that what he did a week ago yesterday was like those Mexican paintings of Saint Michael kicking the devil back down to hell.

Also, the same thing happened in nine precincts in Cleveland.

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