Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Walmart is not just an exploiter of workers, but a destroyer of communities.

How many main streets in how many towns are in ruins because of the ugly, blue god-box squatting in its parking lot the size of Rhode island, usually just outside the town limits, to avoid taxes.

This is end-stage capitalism writ large. The ultra-retailer, personified perfectly by the god Moloch, the god of banks, money, dungeons, and torture devices, whom Allen Ginsberg called "the crossbone soulless jailhouse and Congress of sorrows."

The great blue god, which tirelessly, relentlessly, and with boundless energy, nickels-and-dimes its poverty-stricken serfs, which it is pleased to call "associates." Eats towns and villages and craps out dependencies. Bestrides the earth like the colossus. It's got a leading role in the movie, "American Nightmare."

And you guys seem to be saying this diabolical institution's significance is that it provides us some availability of "bargains."??

So you save 12¢ on your usual brand of deodorant, lose your town, and watch your neighbor go on food stamps because they only give him 29-1/2 hours a week. Sounds more like making a deal with Satan than a bargain.

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