Friday, December 14, 2012

friday roundup

Susan Rice's dropping her bid for for the Secretary of State job is part of a complex kabuki dance, which will play out like this: Sen. John Kerry will be appointed Secretary of State and quickly approved by the minority-ruled Senate, opening up a Senate seat to which Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick will appoint Scott Brown, recently defeated in his bid to return to the Senate for a full term by Liz Warren. Any questions? Good. It's a done deal, which shows the awesomeness of democracy.

Amy Goodman in the Guardian on the US torture regime's treatment of Pfc. Bradley Manning, who turns 25 in three days.

In Michigan, innocent fascist bully-boys were victimized by "union thugs." This violent abuse was documented on video tape (edited, of course).

Preznit Obama says enforcing federal pot laws in states where voters have legalized it is a "low priority." That's a wise decision, being as how his excellency is intimately acquainted with that funny reefer man, who says of the preznit, "Nur. Brocksa persnal frenda mine."

Something's up with YouTube, so I'll have to do music later

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