Tuesday, December 18, 2012

old times there are not forgotten

The Hays school district, in the little town of Buda, about 15 miles south of Austin, is banning the Confederate battle flag. This action was prompted by a racist incident in which a couple of students dimly wrote some garbage and peed on a black teacher's classroom door.

Of course, that happened seven months ago, way last spring, so the board is not exactly moving with dispatch. I'm sure they're aware that this is one of those highly symbolic, lightning-rod issues, so we can expect the usual blah blah blah about it from both troglodytes and those who need to always be sure their liberal credentials are in order.

Besides those two groups, there are black people who justifiably hate the old battle flag as a symbol of the vanquished slaveocracy and their ancestors' bondage.

Somewhat inexplicably, in my opinion, the school board is not going to change the school teams to some dorky California name like Anteaters or Banana Slugs. They will remain the Rebels, and their fight song will still be Dixie, and for my money that's kind of like eating diet cheesecake.

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