Sunday, December 16, 2012


Here are a few positive developments we'll be seeing soon, listed in probable order of appearance:

1. Re-instatement of the ban on assault weapons. There were fewer mass shootings between 1994 and 2004 when these weapons of mass destruction were previously banned.

If Congress doesn't have the brains, spines, and hearts sufficient to defy the terrorists of the National Rifle Association and re-instate this ban, the state of Washington can act on its own to do so.

We've already told the Feds what we want (legal marijuana), and now it's time to let them know what we're not going to tolerate.

2. The end of the Bush/Obama tax giveaways for millionaires and billionaires. Originally enacted in the last year of the snake (2001), the return of the serpent in the astrological cycle (2013) will be an appropriate time to put a stop to this ongoing larceny by the predatory classes, which has been the main driver of the deficit they pretend to deplore.

Their unsuccessful wars to gain possession of the Persian Gulf oil, the second main driver of the deficit, will be deep-sixed also, some time in 2013.

3. Too big to fail? Too big to jail? The big banks -- Chase, B of A, Wells-Fargo, and Citi -- made a lot of money selling bogus mortgages (liars' loans as they were known in the trade), but they made a lot more by "securitizing" these loans, breaking them into fragments and rolling them into collateralized debt obligations which were than rated triple-A by the ratings agencies and sold to unsuspecting investors.

But now individuals who were scammed in this obvious Ponzi operation, along with pension funds, municipalities, etc. are suing those banks for fraud and a number of these civil actions will bear fruit during the course of the coming year, proving once again that there is no firm too big to fail, and no one so large that his physical vehicle cannot be installed in a 10x6 cell, where he will have ample time to reflect on his past actions.

All these things taken together point to the greatest experience that can occur in an individual life time -- crushing one's enemies completely, driving them before your chariot, and listening to the sweet sounds of their lamentations of woe and sincere expressions of regret.

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