Monday, December 24, 2012


OK then, here's that sammich I said I was making. It turned out good enough to recommend.

I made mistakes of course, and the first one is I made two sandwiches, which meant I had this one left over to take a picture of. If you're hungry enough to eat a whole chicken by yourself, you'll probably want two sanwidges, otherwise, one satisfies any appetite more modest.

The mayonnaise-soy sauce spread is one of the main things that makes this sammmichee really good, so make plenty. Maybe a tablespoon of mayo to a teaspoon of soy sauce, or even more, for one piece of bread. Mix it up real good in a little bowlette and then slap it on a whole-grain shingle.

Pile it up with sardines, sliced tomatoes. halved olives, maybe top it with a little smelly cheese crumbles (mine has Danish bleu). You can use the cheapest sardines for this -- around here that's Cliff's Beach House. Also, put anything else you want on this sanwedge, such as cilantro, slivered bell pepper, filaments of red onion, etc.

Next time I'll use better olives, small black kalamatas, and improve it. Even as is, this is a great sammish -- delicious, cheap, easy to make, and nutritious.

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