Wednesday, December 05, 2012

seens i'd like to see

I would gladly interrupt any Sunday morning edition of NBC's "Press the Meat" to point out to the world that the host of that show is a millionaire butthole, David Gregory, who week after week interviews millionaire politicians like Lindsay Graham, John Kerry, and Jim God Help Us DeMint, and also millionaire pundits like David Brooks and Maria Bartoromo.

This cozy little club of one percenters has been occupying the airwaves for the past 30 years, dispensing idiotic politics and worse economics, such as the maxim that "entitlements" such as Social Security are the cause of our $16 trillion debt.

I know, it's stupid, but it's the best opinion money can buy.

I would gladly walk into the NBC studios on any Sunday morning accompanied by 20 or so of my acquaintances here in Jefferson County, fellows who shoot game fowl and raccoons and pluck and/or skin them in their front yards, and have lived "off the grid" all their lives. We would pull the plug on this little coffee-time monopoly of morons with more money than brains, and announce that we're taking over.

The purpose of course would be to inform people that reality still exists, that it's rapidly descending on our society which has been living in a "Meet-the-Press"-type information bubble which excludes reality, and that when it hits us, it will start at the top.

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