Thursday, December 06, 2012

WE are the marijuana munchkins

Weed is legal in this state (Washington) today.

It's still illegal in the US, whose capital, also called Washington, is very far away from here.

So close to God (this is God's country, after all). So far from Washington, D.C.

However, there is no talk here of secession. In fact, considering the state has imposed a 25% transaction tax, the Drug Enjoyment Administration is the least of our worries.

Taking the DEA seriously is a bigger worry than their empty threats and impotent warnings.

All I can say about any of this is I hope you're not still smoking pot. You need to have some consideration for your lungs so you don't end up in pulmonary rehab like me (mainly due to tobacco in my case). There are better ways to get those miracle molecules into your brain.

And watch out for los munchies.

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