Thursday, January 03, 2013

хороша маша, да ненаша

I wanted to wish all our Russian readers a happy new year. I understand you're celebrating it with the rest of us still, and didn't revert to the Julian calendar when the old CCCP went south.

But even if you're an Old Believer, so to speak, you're only 13 days behind. so happy new year to you too.

I understand also that 2013 has brought a momentous change to your land, and that beer is now an alcoholic beverage, even in Russia. Hell, I could have told you that 30 years ago when I was getting drunk on it every day.

At the time I was hanging out and working around people in much worse shape than me -- whiskey and gin drinkers, coke fiends, & etc., and in comparison with them I didn't appear sick. In fact, few suspected how much trouble I was in. I mean, it was only beer, for Chrissake.

But the simple fact is, alcohol is alcohol, and a beverage containing a small amount of it will get you just as drunk as anything else, provided you drink enough of it. I did, and I don't, and today it's going on 19 years since any alcohol has passed my lips.

A society that claims beer is a non-alcoholic beverage is a society in denial, and it looks to me like Russia's had enough of that, too. You'll be better for it, so take this positive thought into the new year: things can get better.

That's my sermon for today, to which I want to add just one more thing: ебут Путин и лошади он поехал в на

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