Monday, January 07, 2013

crash boom bang

Prediction: Chuck Hagel will not be confirmed as Secretary of Defense (SODOTUS).

His enemas will say he is a poopy pants who does not like Israel hard enough. Also that he is insufficiently bombiranian. Anybody who wants the job has to show that he really really really loves Israel, so much so that he smooches its picture on the map in public. And also that he really really hates, despises, loathes, and wishes to do great harm to Iran, that bombing it into submission is his or her daily thought and nightly dream.

Hagel will not satisfy on both counts. I'm a little surprised Obama was foolish enough to even nominate him, although possibly the prez is making a subtle and complex move in a game of 11-dimensional chess which is beyond my grasp, and only his brilliancy can understand it.

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