Sunday, January 13, 2013

sold out again

Even before crossing his fingers and swearing the oath a second time, B. Barry Bamz has sold us out. Again.

"Maybe," says Paul Krugman sarcastically "there is a plan." This in response to the White House's announcement yesterday that there will be no trillion-dollar platinum coin, nor any citing of section 4 of the 14th Amendment to defuse Repus refusal to raise the debt ceiling.

"So is there a plan," Krugman asks sincerely this time, "or will it just be another case of tough talk followed by a tail-between-the-legs retreat?"

The Nobel laureate concludes, "(I)f we didn’t have some history here I might be confident that the administration knows what it’s doing. But we do have that history, and you have to fear the worst."

Well said, professor, but there's one possibility you didn't mention: that Obama is in bed with the Repus, has sold us out, and that all this Demolicans vs. Republicrat horseapples is only an elaborate kabuki performance staged for us mouth-breathers.

Or am I being too paranoid, and is it really only the case that Bamz is the world's worst poker player? Somebody tell me.

But if we're being dealt with in good faith, why did the administration's announcement that they have nothing with which to oppose the deficit-ceiling threat from the Repus death star come on a Friday afternoon, when all the media have gone to sleep.

What Digby said: (S)ince they've thrown away their only bargaining chips before they even started, it's fair to say that anything they agree to from now on should be seen as something they wanted, not something they needed.

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