Friday, January 25, 2013

winter break

Time to take a break from the political noise machine, the lies and evasions of this country's privileged elites, and the annoying emotional dysfunction of right-wing Christ cultists.

We're in the middle of a somewhat mild but otherwise typical northwest winter. We get about 10 hours of muted daylight, with temperatures sometimes colder (30's, with no precip [thank God or Bog]), and sometimes warmer (40's, light rain). Right now, it's 45 and raining off an on.

I used to be depressed this time of year, but any more I find our winters comforting, like being enveloped by a blanket. The gray dampness slows life down, and winters are a quiet time, given over to indoor activities. I still look forward to spring, but not desperately as before.

On a more personal note, I've recently changed the medication for both my chronic conditions, and am now breathing a lot easier -- literally. What I'm no longer taking (statins) is as important as what I'm doing, and since leaving generic Lipitor behind about a year ago, I've become physically a completely different person -- bigger, stronger, and more energetic. I no longer suffer from inflammatory bowel disease, and in fact must now incorporate a daily green salad into my diet for the sake of good digestion.

A lot of the positive changes in my health these days are due to the Spartan habit of daily exercise -- something I didn't acquire till I was past 60. So if you're younger than that, but sitting on your rusty dusty all day like I did for years, I'd suggest you get serious about changing that thing. It's never too early to feel better.

Photo: Seattle Times.

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