Sunday, February 24, 2013

annals of moranitude

That Mecca of Moranitude,, this morning mounts a spirited defense of Milkman Ted, recently attacked and savaged by the New Yorker's (that leftist rag) 90-pound gangsta, the lovely Jane Mayer.

However, even deadbreitbart has its hands full defending the full-meltdown hallucinatory rant the Milkman delivered to the Koch Bros. faithful at his Americans for Prosperity speech. Buried deeply toward the bottom the editorial we find:

Cruz was absolutely correct that there were, and are, many radicals on Harvard Law’s faculty, and few Republicans. Give the Texan a technical for hyperbole: he may have over-counted the Communist revolutionaries, and undercounted the Republicans.

Ok, maybe he was technically wrong when he said that the overwhelming majority of profs at Harvard Law are communists whose aim is to overthrow the US government. But...

Several members of Harvard Law’s faculty espouse other radical left ideas. They are not card-carrying Communists, but some do see themselves as proponents of different forms of Marxist thought, and would like to see revolutionary changes in both the U.S. government and the international order.

This is not exactly the sort of criminal conspiracy Milkman Ted described. In fact, it's about as far from the Milkman's scenario as lightning is from a lightining bug. I also noticed that the descendents of the late St.Andrew criticize Mayer because she "seized on a speech Cruz gave three years ago," but in their own attempted takedown of Chuck Hagel they were pulling speeches and testimony of his that were a lot older than that.

God, I hate a bully. The only thing lower than a bully is a bully who is also a demagogue, and despite their best effort at convincing me otherwise, I see no reason why we should not, at the first opportunity, throw evil Milkman Ted Cruz back into the bottomless hell pit he crawled out of with the mission of inflicting insanity on an unsuspecting nation, and revenge for crimes which only occurred in his diseased mind.


Joe said...

Dave, I'm with you bro on hating bullying.

Dave B, a.k.a. catboxer said...

This is a very scary dude, but he'll flame out.

Joe said...

I'm a fan of Jane Mayer, and similarly of Helen Thomas.