Wednesday, February 27, 2013

the sequester is just bad tv

Personally, I'm not too worried, since this whole crangleschnazzle is just another episode on that boring TV series, "Lady Liberty's PMS."

It's a monthly thing that goes under different names -- "the debt ceiling," "the fiscal cliff," etc. -- but the plot is always the same, which is why this show is a bore.

It starts with the Republicans holding a pistol to their collective head and hollering "Do what I tell you, or I'll shoot!" Then come the grandstanding senators, the frantic lobbyists, the wrinkle-browed pundits, and Sean Hannity yapping in the rear rowf rowf arooooo.

Then come the tea party chants of "Pull the trigger! Pull it!" and the Republicans deciding not to blow themselves up, yet anyway, and the Democrats being nice and giving them half of what they're demanding, because that's what Democrats do. After all they're the "real conservatives here."

Then the segment ends with Obama and Boehner and Hairy Reed and McConnell standing around the water cooler in the capital lobby, where Boehner says, "You know, you disrespected me there, Prez," and Obama answers, "Well, yeah, JB, I did, but only after you said I've got balls made outta marshmallows." Then they all laugh ha ha ha kashl kashl.

If you missed it, don't worry. It'll be back next month with a new episode: "The Bride of Debt Ceiling." Meanwhile, we've still go this month's "exciting conclusion" to get through.

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