Wednesday, February 06, 2013

fetus don't fail me now

Right. A woman in Tennessee was arrested and jailed for drunk driving and child endangerment. After she crashed her car late Saturday/early Sunday on I-240, the cops tested her for intoxication and found her blood alcohol level registering half the legal limit. However, the Memphis police say Maria Guerra "smelled of alcohol, was unsteady on her feet, and had bloodshot eyes."

When she told officers she was four months pregnant, they added an endangerment (of a child under 18) charge to the DUI. The little munchkin int the picture is a four-months fetus. So for now she's stuck in the slammer until somebody puts up a $5K bond.

In contrast to the sad story of the irresponsible and intoxicated Maria Guerra, we have this item from the Fox affiliate in Cleburne, Texas:

No charges will be filed against the Cleburne dad who shot his daughter while loading his gun.

Police said the accident happened this past Friday. The man was loading a handgun that he had recently purchased and accidentally fired it.

He shot his 5-year-old daughter in the abdomen.

She was taken to Cooks Children's Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Police and the district attorney's office reviewed the case and decided it was an accident. No criminal charges will be filed

That worked out well for everybody. I mean, the kid didn't die, and everybody understands that dad just made a mistake. It's not like he did something serious, like endanger a fetus.

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