Friday, March 15, 2013

da pope

Item: some establishment news outlets, particularly CNN and CBS, have been running stories critical of what they see as the new pope's antiquated sexual morality.

American liberals have a hard time dealing with papal ethics because they're not used to dealing with truly conservative institutions.

For all the talk at CPAC, there are no real conservatives in the US. You got your liberals, your radicals, and your fascists. That's about it.

The church hierarchy is truly conservative, and about 300 years behind current trends. I arrived at that number becaise it was only in the last century (the 20th) that the popes

accepted the truth of Galileo's work (17th century).

So if the new pope doesn't believe a) it's a crime to be poor, or b) that poor people don't exist, he's an improvement over the last one. Improvement is good, in spite of Francis embracing a dinosaur sexual morality. 

So it's getting close to 1800 there in the Vatican. Somebody should tell the pope that Charles Darwin is coming. and maybe try to convince him that rubbers can save the world, with the pope's help, of course.

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