Friday, March 15, 2013

dead empires

I challenge anyone, prowar, antiwar, or anything else, to explain to me why we're in Afghanistan.

We went to Vietnam because we were menaced by Vietnamese communists in the Gulf of Tonkin. But that turned out to be a lie.

We invaded Iraq because Saddam's WMD -- that was a lie too.

After the first year of the Afghan war, the generals and the administration(s) have never oome up with a reason or even an excuse for our being there. They didn't even pay us the courtesey of cooking up a lie for this one.

I love it when people say "That's just the way things are," as if that's the way things have always been, and always will be and nobody can change it. History is lttered with the corpses of nations and empires whose rulers were so full of "That's just the way things are," that by the time  that was just the way things were, they couldn't adapt, and fell by the wayside.

The habit of making war on people weaker than ourselves isn't a condition, or a "problem," but a sickness, a disease that will kill us unless we kill it first.

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