Tuesday, March 26, 2013

local mucker (updated 3/27)(update ii)

Tacoma police say a man who had run amuck and was shooting randomly into homes in the Brown's Point neighborhood in the northeast corner of the city, is now holed up in his house, refusing to come out.

Apparently this lunatic is loaded for Armageddon, so sightseers are warned to pass on this one. The latest on this story, which is coming to us in fragments, is at My Northwest.

(Updated) OK, the guy surrendered, four hours and a dozen tear gas canisters later.

He turned out to be about what you'd expect: 67-year-old Vietnam Vet, a drinker and a loner. He had feuds going with his neighbors and crashed his car a few days ago resulting in a driving-under-the-influence charge.

He had numerous high-powered rifles, but used a handgun as, neighbors reported, he walked the streets of his neighborhood yesterday, pointing and firing at people -- no one was hit -- and shooting into houses.

"At this point we don't have a particular trigger or reason this occurred," (Tacoma detective Ed) Troyer said. He added that alcohol, medication, and a small marijuana grow operation could have been factors in the shootings and standoff.

There's more at the link, which is also updated.

(Update II) The unlovely suspect, Mike McBee, taken into custody by Pierce County Sheriff's deputies last night. I don't envy this guy, who may not be aware what he's facing over the next few days, namely, detox in a jail infirmary.

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