Sunday, March 17, 2013

looking for the rubber pope

For a kid raised by atheists who dabbled in Unitarianism, i've always been fascinated by popes, bishops, priests, and nuns. Especially the pope, with his red shoes, triple tiara, and all the ornaments.

Once there was a pope named Urban VIII who did not believe in god or afterlife. He told a banquet guest that we have about as much chance of experiencing an existence of some sort after we die "as that goose there," pointing at a cooked bird on a platter in front of them.

What I can never understand about the popes is why they're so dead set against rubbers. Why they felt threatened by Galileo I can understand, because of that stuff in the OT about the earth standing still etc. But nowhere in the Bible can I find the place where it says "Thou shalt not use rubbers."


Joe said...

I was raised Catholic. It looks like Pope Urban VIII figured it out right about god and the afterlife. He might have approved of any rubbers they had back then. Our world sure needs them a lot now, and we'd likely be sitting a lot better if they had used them a lot back in his time, it being the case that the big population now is stressing out our ecosystem's ability to sustain us.

Dave B, a.k.a. catboxer said...

the problem with Urban 8 is that he kept his beliefs secret. In public, he was like all the others.