Tuesday, March 26, 2013

neither happy nor gay

Rush Limbaugh opens his mouth, for which he's paid the big bucks, and opines, and says he's bummed because Karl Rove and the "Republican Establishment" are tilting toward marriage equality.

What I wonder, very seriously, is why he cares. Gay marriage or not gay marriage has no effect on his life whatsoever.

Now, I have a little secret pertaining to this topic, and I haven't told it to very many people, being as how these are the days of revolution and evolution and Hope and Change and God knows what. But I myself am not entirely comfortable with the idea of gay marriage.

On the other hand, my feelings are overshadowed and rendered insignificant by the simple and irrefutable fact that This is not about me.

it's not about you, either, Rushie. Listen to that Eagles song called "Get Over It" and take it to heart. Yeah, I know, I hate the fuckin Eagles too, but in this case you really need to listen.

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