Tuesday, March 19, 2013

obama derangement syndrome gazette

There needs to be a website to chronicle the endless manifestations of Obama Derangement Syndrome, past and present. All examples of strange hoaxes claiming to record the lusts, perversions, and depraved acts of the Obamas, paranoid fantasies, and particularly noteworthy distortions and plain old lies would be catalogued there.

Some of this, of course, is racially motivated and coming from people who can't handle the idea of a black family living in the White House. Some of it is purely political, coming from people afflicted with an earlier malady, Democratic derangement syndrome (Dds). Most of it is a little of both.  

The latest is this story at New Smacks which makes the claim that rather than moving missiles to counter what they perceive as a North Korean threat, the administration is folding under pressure exerted by that bastard Putin and all his obsequious bureaucratic yes-men  over there in Moscow.

Russia is no longer a socialist country nor our enemy of course, but I'm not sure whether New Smacks knows these things.

That's typical, but my favorite of all time was the reversed photo that circulated on the internet and created a real sensation, showing both Obamas putting their left hands over their hearts during the pledge of allegience.

Political discussion sites, places supposedly devoted to rational discussion and the most basic kinds of scholarship, these days can degenerate quickly into garbage cans for people's delusions. paranoid hallucinations, hysterical distortions, and carried-in assertions concocted by the sort of people who will tell any lie for money or good sex. 

Sheesh! I don't even like the guy, but we really need to eliminate this kind of serious unseriousness from the national dialogue. There's no room for hysteria and bad faith where weighty and consequential decisions are concerned.

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