Saturday, March 16, 2013

warm damp

The earth is starting to warm up, and the worms are beginning to turn over in their beds. Their full moon is still 11 days away, and they'll be dancing by then.

It's one of those semi-warm, moist and cloudy days here, a real northwest special. I took a walk up near the falls here in Point Utopia, WA., and found that the first green buds of spring have already popped, are popping, and we're into the season very early this year.

I wasn't able to access the stairway to heaven today, since the asphalted part of the trail leading up to it is completely washed out. I took the spur that intersects the main trail up at the top. It's a pretty good climb for an old guy with emphysema, but I've been training for it.

I'll return there tomorrow with a camera, to document the buds of '14, which like the buds of any other year, are photogenic as hell in their startling green against a grayish-tan background.


Joe said...

Lush forest scenery is my favorite.

Dave B, a.k.a. catboxer said...

There are spirits out there. When you stand still you can hear the tree trunks creaking and sighing.