Sunday, April 07, 2013


It's not done yet. Not until the solemn ritual of the Grand Bargain is performed.

Once Grand Bargain comes, Obama & Boehner & McConnell will go bury the symbolic hatchet in the rose garden. 'Then, taking a real political risk by mixing metaphors, the three will take the bull by the tail and look him in the eye.

I don't have to tell you what comes next. An era peaceful cooperation will begin.

It sounds horrible.

Sure I was glad to see the Romneybot 2.0 break down by the roadside during the campaign, emitting strange beeps and buzzing weakly. The only thing that would have improved that scene would have been Obama dropping out, and then we'd have nobody for president.

Better to travel on alone than with a fool for a companion (Dhammapada)

Sure, when the issue is gun control, abortion, gay marriage, and any social veschsh that has no impact on the bottom line, the centrists check out OK. What the Obots and Obamaniacs seem to be missing is that that's part of the con.

That's because they're bankrolled and run from Wall Street. Centrist Democrats are tools.

At least the Repus are robbers of the workers naturally. I'd rather deal with that than with some con man who talks to me sweetly as he picks my pocket.

These are radical times; the last thing we need is Aleksandr Kerensky going around "compromising" with everybody. Compromising with banks is a good way to go broke.

Compromise this, Obama. It's what you get for dealing with terrorists.

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Joe said...

Dave, that was the type of thing ties in with the lack of ethics. The big people are the real people in the bad system of ethics.

The fading of religion factors in too. People don't wonder so much if a Big Guy is watching. That is the result of knowledge, but we can't have the excuse of fibbing to try to hide the truth that religion appears to be made up.

So as the resource pie of the planet gets consumed, the unethical big people push their agendas harder to try to keep their pie slice from shrinking as more people go after slices.